bitexmarks (bitexmarks) wrote in glitter_n_shine,

Song for my lover.

Title: Songs for my lover
Author: bitexmarks
Pairing: Curt Wilde/thoughts of Brian Slade (VG)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: i do not know or own (damn it) any of these people!
Notes: 100 word drabble.

Come back here you wicked Muse!

I pour my heart out into each and every song line; my blood is what wrote the verse they sing. Every time I have shed a tear, every time a lover has lied I’ve taken it, transformed it and let it metamorphosis into a melody.

So sing…sing for your lover….sing it with all your heart.

And when night falls I can curl back into my shell and grieve from the pain in my heart that wants to tear me inside out. Bleeding from the imaginary scars I create for there is a hole in my soul in the shape of you.

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